Sr. No.Title with page nos.JournalISSN/ISBN NoWhether peer reviewed. Impact Factor, if anyNo. of co- authorsWhether you are the main Author
1Body Fat Percentage and its Correlation with Dietary Pattern, Physical activity and Lifestyle Factors in school Going children of Mumbai, IndiaJournal of Obesity and Metabolic Research; January 2014, Volume 1- Issue 1;ISSN: 2347-9906.Refereed journal3Yes
2Hypolipidemic Dietary ComponentsCurrent Research in Nutrition and Food Science; Vol 1(1), 59-70ISSN: 2347-467XRefereed journal1Yes
3A The High Burden of Obesity and Abdominal Obesity in Urban Indian Schoolchildren: A Multicentric Study of 38,296 ChildrenAnnNutrMetab2011;58:203-211(DOI:10.1159/000329431).Refereed journal3No
4Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Mumbai CityJournal of Obesity and Metabolic Research (JOMR) 2016 Volume 3- Issue 1ISSN: 2347-9906.2016Refereed journal2Yes
5Meal Replacement : A way Forward in The Management of ObesityJournal of Indian Dietetic Association (JIDA) 2016ISSN: 0971-8214Refereed journal2Yes