In the current times when resources are limited and physical activity is also compromised we are all concerned about the diet one should follow.
To understand this, join my webinar on the Significance of Immuno-Boosting Nutrients in Health and Disease.

Date & Time: Friday 10th April 8-9PM

Topic: Significance of Immuno-Boosting Nutrients in Health and Disease

Link for the webinar:

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Whether you are curious about a new diet or want to start living healthy, getting a dietary consultation is be best way to get started. I can help you plan out how to improve your diet and make sensible lifestyle changes to improve your overall health

The Dietary Dialogues

One of the challenges a diabetic faces is planning the meals. Avoid carbs means a lot of regular food goes off the table. Most snacks are now off-limits. But, how about nuts?

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Dietary Dialogues is available as a podcast. Listen to the series here.